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Colour Coated Tile Sheet

Colour Coated Tile Sheet

Roofing Tile is only product in the roofing sheet industry in India that blends the classical heritage looks of architecture with modern material.
Brand : Bhushan steel
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General Data •Roofing Tile is architecturally attractive, durable and add aesthetic to the building. •Strong, Resistant to fire and to all weather conditions •Easy to assemble. Saves time and labor cost. •Light, Easy to handle and store •Does not brake, crack or leak. •Environment friendly •Tile is available from 1 M to 8 M length. •Offers the beauty of clay tile with minimal dead weight on the roof. •Unbeatable hurricane, hail, and all-weather resistance. •Roofing Tile roofing system is rated as a lifetime roofing system. It requires little maintenance. Even after a number of years, panels can be recoated if desired, eliminating the need for a roof replacement. •It also eliminates problems of pest infestation and rot that occur with wood and clay roofing materials.

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